Dealing with Uncooperative and Difficult Scrum Team Members

Dealing with Uncooperative and Difficult Scrum Team Members

Welcome to the Course: Dealing with Uncooperative and Difficult Scrum Team Members

In this course, you will find several strategies you can use to deal with aggressive, uncooperative, difficult, and dominant Scrum Team Members.

I will show you some great ways the Scrum Master can help deal with such people, even if the management supports such behaviors.

I want to literally transform your life by giving you the best skills available to become a confident Scrum Master. 

This course is not just for Scrum Masters. It is everyone who is looking for ways to improve workplace teamwork, and Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your Team.

Are you ready to learn the latest cutting-edge skills? 


Then, check the course content, and let’s get started.


  1. Introduction to the course (Learning outcomes).
  2. Why deal with difficult people?
  3. Understanding Why do you get mad…
  4. All control starts with self-control
  5. Ways that we allow people to control us
  6. See angry people as hurt, not bad
  7. What causes anger issues?
  8. What is the Explanatory style?
  9. How to control yourself?
  10. How To Get People To Like You?
  11. What are the benefits of effective negotiation?
  12. Setting Limits and Boundaries
  13. How to demonstrate mutual respect in the Scrum team?
  14. The importance of trust in a Scrum Team
  15. Why does Kindness Matter?
  16. Helping but not enabling
  17. Being responsible for your actions
  18. How to Avoid Being an Easy Target?
  19. How to deal with people who whine and complain all the time?
  20. How to deal with bossy and aggressive people?
  21. How to deal with The “Friendly Sniper” type of people?
  22. How to solve a problem with a really angry person?
  23. How to deal with a chatterbox person?
  24. How to deal with a „know it all“ problem person?
  25. How to deal with nagging Scrum team members?
  26. Your progress so far…
  27. Don’t replay the old movies in your head
  28. How To Stay Calm Around Those Who Push Your Buttons?
  29. Tips that will help you deal with uncooperative team members in Scrum
  30. Conclusion

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  1. How do you deal with difficult people in Scrum?
  2. How would you handle an employee who isn’t performing well in Scrum?
  3. Working with dominant or aggressive team members.
  4. Dealing with difficult team members in Scrum Team
  5. Tips for Dealing with Uncooperative Team Members in Scrum
  6. Top Scrum Master Challenges and Ways To Overcome Them
  7. Working with Difficult People and Resistance in Scrum
  8. When a Scrum Master Encounters Resistance?
  9. Conflict Resolvable Techniques for Scrum Team.
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