how to start with user requirements

New update: Introduction to User Requirements is added to the Agile and Scrum Masterclass

  1. Introduction to the User Requirements Update
  2. What is a Requirement?
  3. Requirements Activities
  4. Eliciting Requirements
  5. Eliciting Requirements Techniques
  6. Expressing Requirements
  7. Prioritizing Requirements
  8. Analyzing Requirements
  9. Managing Requirements
  10. Types of Requirements
  11. Business Requirement
  12. Business Rules
  13. User Requirements
  14. Functional Requirements
  15. Information Flow Diagrams or Data Flow Diagrams
  16. Non-functional Requirements
  17. External Interfaces
  18. Development Constraints
  19. Changing Requirements and Controlling Scope
  20. What is Scope Creep and How to avoid it?
  21. Requirements and Design
  22. Good Questions to Ask Your Clients
  23. Final Words

This is Module 14

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