Coaching vs. Managing in Agile

Welcome to your Coaching vs. Managing in Agile

Are you ready to test your knowledge and delve deeper into the world of Agile coaching and managing?

Our free quiz is designed to help you understand the nuances between these two essential roles and explore the power of collaboration in Agile teams.

By participating in this quiz, you will have the opportunity to assess your understanding of the key differences between coaching and managing in Agile.

You will gain insights into the distinct contributions these roles make to team dynamics, individual growth, and project success. Whether you're an Agile practitioner, a team leader, or someone curious about Agile methodologies, this quiz will enhance your understanding and sharpen your skills.

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What is the difference between managing and coaching?

Which of the following responsibilities are part of your role as an Agile coach? Select all that apply.

What part of your role as an Agile coach involves reviewing your team’s performance to find patterns that work or need improvement?

How can you help your team build confidence and capabilities through coaching? Select all that apply.