Premature Scrum Adaptation

Scrumbut and Premature Scrum adaptation. Scrum but, and how to avoid it?

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In this VLog, we will talk about ScrumBut and Premature Scrum adaptation. I will show you common examples of the premature adaptation of Scrum and how to avoid it.

00:00 – Who am I and about this YouTube Channel that helps you discover what’s new & trending in Agile and Scrum.
00:29 – Introduction to Premature Scrum adaptation
00:43 – What ScrumBut mean?
01:00 – Example of the premature adaptation of Scrum
01:50 – The reasons why Scrumbut happens
02:50 – How to avoid Scrumbut?
03:38 – How to start your Scrum journey?


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