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Master Agile Teaching for Engaged Students

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Imagine a classroom buzzing with excitement. Students are actively participating, asking questions, and genuinely thrilled to learn. That’s the power of innovative teaching, and it’s within your reach.

for Future Educators

Are you a new teacher feeling lost in lesson plans and classroom management? A seasoned educator looking to reignite the spark in your lessons? Maybe you’re an online instructor seeking to create dynamic courses.

Teacher 2.0 is designed for YOU.

This course equips you with Agile Teaching Techniques, a powerful approach inspired by the world of software development. Learn to adapt, experiment, and create lessons that are:

  • Engaging: No more one-size-fits-all lectures. Discover creative methods to cater to different learning styles and keep students actively involved.
  • Effective: Master classroom management with confidence. Learn to build positive relationships and cultivate a thriving learning environment.
  • Agile: Embrace flexibility! Develop the skills to adapt your lessons on the fly, responding to student needs and real-time classroom dynamics.

Here's what sets Teacher 2.0 apart:

Become an Innovative Educator Course. Teacher 2.0, Mastering the Art of Modern Education
  1. Actionable Strategies: Walk away with practical tools and techniques you can implement immediately in your classroom.
  2. Supportive Community: Join a network of passionate educators for ongoing support and collaboration.
  3. Gentle Agile Introduction: No prior Agile knowledge is needed! We’ll guide you through integrating these powerful principles into your teaching style.
  4. Risk-Free Guarantee: We’re so confident you’ll love the course, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee
Image representing Dejan Majkic, a Master in Computer Science and Information Technology, and an Agile and Scrum trainer

Your Instructor

Dejan Majkic, MA in CS & IT | Scrum Master | Product Owner |Teacher

Dejan brings over 20 years of experience in IT and education to the table. As a certified trainer, course instructor, and Agile expert, he combines his passion for teaching with proven Agile methodologies.

Invest in Your Teaching Future

Image representing the journey towards new opportunities for growth and success. Empower Her.

For just $95, you’ll gain:

  • 56 video lessons (9 hours) packed with practical guidance
  • 6 quizzes to solidify your learning
  • 3 assignments to put your skills into action
  • 4 downloadable resources for ongoing reference

Ready to unlock your full teaching potential? Enroll in Teacher 2.0 today and embark on your journey to becoming a truly innovative and inspiring educator!

What You'll Learn?

  1. Effective Classroom Management: Gain strategies to create a positive learning environment and handle disciplinary issues confidently, while embracing agile approaches to adapt to changing dynamics in the classroom.

  2. Engaging Lesson Planning: Learn to craft dynamic lesson plans that cater to diverse learning styles, promote student engagement, and achieve learning objectives, with insights on incorporating agile principles for flexibility and responsiveness.

  3. Building Strong Relationships: Discover the importance of fostering positive relationships with students, colleagues, and parents, with agile strategies for effective communication, collaboration, and continuous improvement.

  4. Innovative Teaching Techniques: Explore new methodologies and tools to keep your lessons fresh, interactive, and impactful, with subtle integration of agile practices to encourage experimentation and adaptability.

Enroll Now and Transform Your Teaching Today!

Image representing career growth through Agile Project Management and Scrum Blueprint, Why Investing in the Agile and Scrum Blueprint is a Smart Decision

Don’t let the challenges of being a new teacher hold you back.

Join the Course today and embark on a journey towards becoming a confident, effective, and innovative educator!

  1. Novice educators at the elementary, secondary, or high school levels and fledgling college/university professors who are just embarking on their teaching careers.
  2. Experienced educators in elementary, secondary, or high school settings, as well as seasoned college/university professors, are eager to explore innovative teaching techniques to make their classes more captivating and engaging.
  3. Online instructors and course developers.
  4. Educational administrators and leaders seeking innovative approaches.
  5. Anyone interested in transforming education through innovative methods.

MODULE 1: The Starting Point

  1. Course Demo
  2. Before we Start…
  3. Course Introduction
  4. Just a few words about the author
  5. The potential of knowledge, creative imagination, and success
  6. The endless journey of learning
  7. Discovering how our brain works
  8. Foundational guidelines of good communication – Part 1
  9. Foundational guidelines of good communication – Part 2
  10. Quiz

MODULE 2: Unleash flexibility and student ownership with Agile and Scrum (Discover how Agile and Scrum principles can break free from rigid curriculums, fostering a more adaptable learning environment.)

  1. Introduction to Agile in Education
  2. Adaptation of Scrum for educational settings
  3. Overcoming challenges in rigid curricula
  4. Enhancing traditional classroom activities
  5. Conducting regular assessments
  6. Becoming change advocates for curriculum transformation
  7. How to deal with a lack of student engagement
  8. Evolving educational needs
  9. Empowering student voices through regular check-ins
  10. Overcoming the limits of teacher-centric education
  11. Overloaded administrative tasks
  12. Standardized testing pressure
  13. Equity and accessibility
  14. Benefits of using Scrum in education
  15. Part 1: Introduction to the case study + assignment
  16. Part 2: Analysis of Dr. Smith’s anatomy class
  17. Practical demonstrations of key concepts in the classroom
  18. Quiz

MODULE 3: Craft engaging curriculums with agile techniques (Master the art of creating dynamic curriculums that cater to diverse learning styles and evolve alongside your students. Leverage agile methods to ensure your curriculum stays relevant and engaging.)

  1. Why update the curriculum regularly?
  2. How do you create a curriculum using Scrum?
  3. Setting clear learning objectives and outcomes
  4. Defining student roles and responsibilities
  5. Part 1: Curriculum Development Case Study
  6. Part 2: Analyzing curriculum development challenges and Scrum applications
  7. Part 3: Proposed solution for the case study
  8. Quiz

MODULE 4: spark collaboration and deeper learning with project-based learning (Integrate project-based learning with a Scrum to create a collaborative classroom environment where students take ownership of their learning journey.

  1. Introduction to project-based learning (PBL)
  2. Integrating PBL and scrum in the classroom
  3. Ingredients for project-based learning projects
  4. Inspiration for PBL ideas
  5. PBL planning
  6. Quiz

MODULE 5: Foster a thriving learning community (Learn how to build a collaborative classroom where students actively participate, support each other, and take charge of their learning.)

  1. Dynamic roles in your new classroom
  2. Introduction to Scrum events in education
  3. Understanding Scrum artifacts and their relevance for teachers and students
  4. Building a collaborative classroom environment
  5. Tips for building collaboration using Scrum
  6. Leadership in the classroom
  7. How to spark an interest in studying among our students?
  8. Learning to learn
  9. Your next steps…
  10. Conclusion
  11. Quiz
Image highlighting the 30-day risk-free, money-back guarantee for the Agile and Scrum Masterclass

The Become an Innovative Educator Course is completely risk-free!

I’ve packed a lot into this course because not only do I want you to create the awesome career and lifestyle you deserve, but I also want to guarantee that you won’t fail.

Experience the Become an Innovative Educator Course risk-free! We’re so confident in the quality and effectiveness of our course that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you’re not completely satisfied within the first 30 days of purchase, simply let us know, and we’ll promptly refund your investment. No questions asked.

That’s right: Dive into the materials, complete your assignments, and put in the work.

If you don’t love it within the first 30 days, we’ll refund you immediately.

Our goal is to empower you to unlock your full teaching potential, and if this course isn’t the right fit, we want you to find what works best for you.

What are you waiting for?

Unlock a wealth of expertise distilled into a concise and powerful learning experience. Gain lifetime access with a single, unbeatable payment.

Secure your VIP pass to the ‘Become an Innovative Educator’ Course. Equip yourself with essential skills to thrive in today’s educational arena.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity – enroll now and begin your transformative journey!

for Future Educators

Become Teacher 2.0 Course FAQs

The ‘Become an Innovative Educator Course’ is not just another course; it’s a gateway to revolutionizing your approach to teaching.

Imagine unlocking the secrets to captivating classrooms, where every lesson sparks curiosity and engagement.

This course is your ticket to mastering cutting-edge teaching techniques that breathe life into learning, empowering you to inspire and empower your students like never before.

From dynamic lesson planning to leveraging technology in the classroom, this course equips you with the tools and strategies you need to thrive in today’s educational landscape.

It’s for you only if you are ready to redefine the education system. 

The ‘Become an Innovative Educator Course’ will empower you with cutting-edge teaching strategies, ignite your creativity, and equip you to inspire and engage your students like never before.

It’s your pathway to becoming a dynamic educator who leaves a lasting impact in the classroom.

  1. High-Quality Content: Immerse yourself in a wealth of high-quality content that is meticulously crafted, ensuring its relevance and clarity. Our course presents the material in a well-organized manner, making it easy for you to follow along and grasp the concepts with ease.
  2. Expert Instructor: Learn from an industry expert who is not only passionate about teaching but also possesses a deep understanding of the subject matter.
  3. Interactive Learning: Say goodbye to passive learning and hello to interactive experiences. This course encourages active participation, allowing you to fully engage with the material. Through quizzes, discussions, and projects, you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned, reinforcing your understanding and skills.
  4. The ‘Become an Innovative Educator Course’ offers a transformative toolbox of revolutionary teaching techniques, hands-on learning experiences, and practical tools tailored to elevate your teaching to new heights. It’s your comprehensive guide to unlocking your full potential and revolutionizing your approach to education.

We value open communication and are here to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions, or concerns, or simply want to connect with us, please feel free to reach out through the following contact information:

Email: dejan{{@}}whatisscrum.org

Whether you have inquiries about the Become an Innovative Educator Course, need assistance with enrollment, or require clarification on any aspect of our program, we are here to provide prompt and helpful responses. Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at dejan {{@}}whatisscrum.org.

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