12 SUPER Tips

12 SUPER Tips from someone with 20+ years in Tech

In this video, I wanted to share with you 12 SUPER Tips that I have learned over the years. I’ve spent 20+ years in tech with a variety of companies, and agencies, and here is what I have learned.

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00:18 – How stuck you may feel at your current job?

03:08 – Always ask hard questions in a job interview.

03:41 – What if you don’t like your job?Β 

04:07 – Applying for jobs is time-consuming

04:25 – Be professional and polite to everyone.

04:45 – Learn to recognize the signs of burnout or increased stress within yourself

05:02 – Learn to recognize where you excel and where you need to improve

06:10 – Learn to say I do not know how to do that

06:38 – Do not live for your job

06:58 – Make sure it is one that you feel proud of.

08:03 – What people had to say they loved or hated about this job.

08:24 – What you want to do for a career

08:44 – WHAT I WOULD RECOMMEND for your new career?

09:47 – How Scrum boosts Productivity even in Your Everyday Life

12:47 – Download your Self-Evaluation template

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