30 Scrum Resources to Download for Free for Scrum Students and Newcomers

30 Valuable Scrum Tools to Download for Free!!!

Are you a Scrum student or newcomer seeking to enrich your Scrum knowledge and comprehension? You’re in luck! The @dejansoftware YouTube channel has got you covered.

In this video, we’ll reveal 30 highly valuable Scrum resources, all of which can be downloaded completely for free.

Our resources include ebooks, templates, courses, and more, all of which are designed to elevate your Scrum skills to the next level. Seize this incredible opportunity to boost your Scrum knowledge by downloading these resources today!

Don’t forget to check out our list of available free Agile and Scrum tools and resources, which are also at your disposal for free download.

1. List of available Agile tools: Free download
2. Sprint Velocity Template: Free download
3. Workshops that will help you increase psychological safety within the Scrum team: Free download
4. 4 Things The Top 1% of Managers Won’t Tell You: Free download
5. The Scrum Playbook: Free download
6. Employee Self-Evaluation Form Template: Free download
7. Soft Skills for Scrum Masters Workplace: Free download
8. Full Course Learn How Scrum Works: Click here to access the course, PASSWORD: whatisscrum
9. Scrum Guide 2020: Free download
10. Release Plan Template: Free Download
11. Evidence-Based Management Guide: Free Download
12. Action Plan For Building A Positive Team Culture.pdf: Free Download
13. Scrum Master Self Assessment Checklist.pdf: Free Download
14. Product Backlog Template.xlsx: Free Download
15. Product Owner Self Assessment Checklist: Free download
16. Risk Plan Template: Free download
17. Product Roadmap Template (PDF): Free download
18. Product Roadmap Template (xlsx): Free download
19. Product Strategy Canvas: Free download
20. Paired-Comparison Worksheet: Free download
21. Types of Minimum Viable Product: Free download
22. Glossary of Scrum Terms: Free download
23. Tips on How to Get Your First Scrum Master Job: Free Download
24. Backlog Refinement Scrum Checklist: Free Download
25. Scrum Team Poster: Free Download
26. How to Give a Great Sprint Demo: Free Download
27. Retrospective Templates: Free Download
28. User Stories Template: Free Download
29. Agile and Scrum Masterclass Modules and Lectures: FULL LIST
and counting…

✅ Free access to Scrum resources: Send an email to agileandscrummasterclass (at) gmail.com (SUBJECT: Free Scrum Resources), and I will send it to you immediately.

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