Do not dare to start as a Scrum Master without knowing these secrets

Do not dare to start as a Scrum Master without knowing these secrets!

I don’t want you to start working as a Scrum Master, without knowing these little secrets.Β 

Now, if you are interested in this career and you come from a non-technical background, I would recommend starting sharpening your SOFT skills first.

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00:00 – Can you be a Scrum Master with no experience?

00:21 – How could I become a scrum master without any technical background and scrum experience?

00:59 – 6 Powerfull Soft Skills required to become a great Scrum Master

04:25 – Does this mean that there are no technical skills required for becoming a great Scrum Master?

05:39 – Why should a Scrum Master have Technical Knowledge?

06:19 – How to become confident in yourself as a Scrum Master?

08:34 – Download the free eBook, Soft Skills for Workplace

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