Gathering User Requirements

Online Course on Gathering User Requirements

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What you’ll learn in this course:

(Module 1): Master the art of communication: Bridge the communication gap in teams, hone your questioning skills, and prepare for effective customer meetings.

(Module 2): Become a user requirement guru: Understand different types of requirements, master documentation techniques, and differentiate between functional and non-functional needs.

(Module 3): Unleash the power of requirement gathering: Explore a variety of techniques like stakeholder analysis, interviews, prototyping, and surveys to gather clear and concise requirements.

(Module 4): Prioritize like a pro: Learn techniques like MoSCoW, Kano Analysis, and the Impact-Effort Matrix to effectively prioritize user needs.

(Module 5): Communicate requirements with clarity: Craft user stories, leverage user story mapping, and master communication strategies for stakeholders and development teams.

(Module 6): Navigate changing requirements with ease: Embrace change in Agile environments, tackle scope creep, and implement continuous feedback loops.

(Module 7): Best practices for success: Gain valuable tips and tricks, learn from real-world examples, and discover best practices for sustainable user requirement management.

(Module 8): Agile development mastery: Delve into the Agile Software Development Process, explore User-Centered Design principles, refine product backlogs, and prepare for sprints.

(Module 9): Wrap-up and next steps: Solidify your learning, commit to user-centered design principles, and discover resources for further development.

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