The Agile Manifesto is Dead

The Agile Manifesto is Dead – Understanding the Future of Agile Methodologies

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Welcome to your The Agile Manifesto is Dead Quiz

What is the main reason why Agile fails in many organizations?

Which of the following is not a core principle of the Agile Manifesto?

How can you ensure effective collaboration between cross-functional teams in an Agile environment?

What is the most effective way to implement Agile in an organization with multiple teams across different locations and time zones, where some teams are resistant to change?

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In this article, we will reflect on:

  1. The Origins and Historical Impact of the Agile Manifesto,
  2. The case for revisiting such an influential document today (Agile Manifesto 2023 Update),
  3. Proposed updates to the values and principles that aim to retain the timeless spirit while adapting for the modern era,
  4. Key takeaways and a call-to-action for the community to continue shaping the future of Agile.


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