What is a Product Backlog in Scrum + FREE Product Backlog Template?

What is a Product Backlog in Scrum?  The Product Backlog is an emergent, ordered list of what is needed to improve the product.

It is sometimes referred to as a to-do list and is considered an ‘artifact’ within the scrum software development framework.

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In this video, we will talk about:

  1. What is a product backlog in scrum?
  2. How do you write a product backlog in scrum?
  3. What does the product backlog contain?
  4. What is the difference between scrum backlog and product backlog?
  5. Examples of Product Backlog in Scrum.


00:00 – What is a Product Backlog in Scrum?

00:24 – What does a Product Backlog contain?

01:24 – User Stories in Product Backlog

02:15 – Identifying User Stories in Product Backlog with a unique identifier

02:54 – User Stories Prioritization with Stakeholders

04:17 – Understanding the reasons why a User’s Storie has a certain priority.

05:13 – Start Planning using priorities as your reference points

05:19 – Moving selected User Stories from Product to Sprint Backlog

05:35 – The Product Owner is responsible for creating and prioritizing user stories and changing the Product Backlog Items

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