Sprint and Product Retrospective in Scrum

What is the difference between Sprint Retrospective and Product Retrospective and Why you should use it?

In this video, we will talk about the Sprint and Product Retrospectives.

The Sprint Retrospective is a recurring meeting held at the end of a sprint used to discuss what went well during the previous sprint cycle and what can be improved for the next sprint.

The Agile sprint retrospective is an essential part of the Scrum framework for developing, delivering, and managing complex projects.

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00:00 – What is Retrospective?
00:49 – What is Sprint Retrospective in Scrum?
02:00 – What is Product or Project Retrospective?
02:53 – Why is Product Retrospective important and why you should use them?
03:56 – What happens when you avoid doing retrospectives?

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  1. What are the 3 retrospective questions?
  2. What is the purpose of the sprint retrospective?
  3. How do you conduct a sprint retrospective?
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