What Scrum Blueprint can do for you

What Scrum Blueprint can do for you?

Now listen seriously. What Scrum Blueprint can do for you? This is madness, what can I tell you?

Objectively, I can’t help everyone.

But those people with whom I worked 1 on 1, those people to whom I devoted myself a little more and who were compatible with my way of working… well, it’s a miracle how much their businesses have progressed.

Many of them didn’t even have a business, and now they are thrashing for money.

Even if they don’t admit it to me or to themselves.

But viewed from the side like this… absolutely everyone, whoever applied what I told them through the Agile Project Management and Scrum Blueprint or 1 on 1 work, had top, top, top results.

It’s like I’m looking into a crystal ball with my magic Scrum Framework “third eye”.


Well, because I don’t memorize theories.

I know what works and what I do.

I have started a bunch of businesses and have my own businesses and my educational program “Agile Project Management and Scrum Blueprint“.

In practice, I applied hundreds of things, in addition to the hundreds and hundreds of studied books, courses, and seminars on Agile, Scrum, and Product Management that I attended.

That’s nothing strange. Whatever a person does long enough (and I’ve been doing this for 20 years), they have to do well at some point.

Sooner or later, you are like a Jedi from Star Wars, and you see the invisible. As in everything when you do the so-called “deliberate practice” (Talent is Overrated).

What Scrum Blueprint can do for you?

The main benefit is that I can see what you don’t see yet, in a way you haven’t seen yet. So I can see a few steps ahead and help you look at your terrain objectively… to see what the dangers are… to see what the opportunities are and to understand how to ride them.

To make the right decisions easier, to gain clarity of the plan and what you are going to do and how you are going to do it.

To avoid hundreds and hundreds of mistakes, financial, time, energy… that you would 100% make during implementation.

Because even a good idea is useless if you don’t know exactly HOW to apply it.

Since I have already applied everything, a bunch of times, and since I have seen how others apply what I have already coached, I have the experience to look at and convey to you what and how you should do specifically for your market.

Every business is unique and similar at the same time. Not everyone will do the same thing in the same way. You usually have to think a little and apply it to your case and goals.

That’s where I come in to help you adapt what you’re modeling to your needs.

So the chances that this won’t work for you and that it won’t pay off dozens of times over are ZERO.

And if there’s no way it’s worth it, I’m not even accepting you to enter. And I know as soon as you apply what your chances are.

Look at how Harvard and others are doing. They accept people who OTHERWISE would have made a big success in life, even WITHOUT their schooling.

So objectively, if you enroll in my program (Agile Project Management and Scrum Blueprint), you will have success OTHERWISE, and you already have it, my program is a shortcut and acceleration for you on that path and gives you long-term breadth and depth.

There are a lot of people who listened to my education and followed my advice, and now their businesses are BLOOMING compared to before they started working with me. So I see in practice that all my advice works for them.

The only one for whom it doesn’t work is the one who doesn’t use me. But that’s not up to me.

Now… when it comes to this Agile Project Management and Scrum Blueprint, I use the simple method of the dry genius Chet Holmes.

Anything where you “check in” week after week, it is IMPOSSIBLE not to progress.

If every week, you make a little something new, fix it, develop it, add it, weigh it down… and thus accumulate idea upon idea, knowledge upon knowledge, experience upon experience. You MUST have progress.

Even if it was 1% per week. During 6 months, it accumulates, “compounds”.

What industry are you in? Totally unimportant. Whatever you do, I’ll boost your productivity and your final outcomes.

By what method? We’ll see. More job opportunities, better positioning, new products, higher salary, better time to market, more work done in less time, better dealing with risks, empowerment of changes in product development, organizing powerful teamwork…

We’ll see what you need and how to do it.

At the start… you will be in SHOCK!

What to Do Before, During and After Training

You won’t know what hit you. Everything will seem too much for you. You won’t know where to start and what to do next.

And then… little by little… it will settle down nicely, and all the pieces will fall into place, and everything will start to make sense to you.

You become the master of your destiny. You have 100X more control over work and success.

Read this. See this. Look at that. Do it like this. Do it like that. Insert this. Throw that out. Try it like this. Don’t do that. I’ll explain everything to you nicely and put it in order.

Got an idea? Let’s break it down. Is it good? It’s not. Is it? Here’s why. What can we add? What can be done instead?

Crystallization. It won’t be easy for you. But you will organize yourself and apply everything you can, little by little… When you arrange everything nicely in a domino effect… God bless you!

At least that’s my experience, and that’s what I promise you.

And what can I guarantee you? Discover Our Latest Course Review!


But nothing at all regarding your results, because the application depends on you, and I’m not giving you time and knowledge for nothing.

But you will have my total support, you will. That it will be easier for you than doing it all by yourself, it will.

As if you have a partner in your business. With a slightly different experience than you, here to help you from the side.

I’m not an agency. And I honestly care about your success.

I am overly obsessed about your success because it is indirectly mine as well as the satisfaction of knowing that it gives you results. That’s what you can expect!

I accept you to the program only if I am 100% sure that it will be useful to you and that you can successfully apply my way of thinking in product development.

And what is that?

First, that it is long-term. Not just trends. I don’t want you to be a hamster on a conveyor belt. Rather, focus on Agile and Scrum that you do once and use for a long time and derive value from it for both you and your clients.

That it is more passive and easier to hunt, because who likes to struggle more? More bread, less hoe. Where is the lever?

I’ve been doing that since the beginning… I’m looking for the so-called “quick wins”, that can quickly and easily bring you new skills in business. I want the program to pay off for you quickly, and for everything to be a profit afterwards.

I’m looking for some unused shortcuts, “low-hanging fruit” that you can easily remove from the branch… to see where you are leaving resources on the table, and where we can find hidden tools in your business. And it always has them.

It’s just sometimes necessary for someone to look from the outside, from the side.

Then we go to more difficult, strategic things. Long-term. Innovations.

Something that takes a little longer to make, but can later have lasting value in your business and therefore for you personally.

Sounds good?


Welcome and see you inside, and witness What Scrum Blueprint can do for you!

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