Agile and Scrum Masterclass Free Resources

  1. Full Course Learn How Scrum WorksClick here to access the course, PASSWORD: whatisscrum
  2. Risk Plan Template: Free download
  3. Product Roadmap Template: Free download
  4. Product Strategy Canvas: Free download
  5. Scrum Guide 2020: Free download
  6. Paired-Comparison Worksheet: Free download
  7. Types of Minimum Viable Product: Free download
  8. Glossary of Scrum Terms: Free download
  9. Tips on How to Get Your First Scrum Master Job: Free Download
  10. Backlog Refinement Scrum Checklist: Free Download
  11. Scrum Team Poster: Free Download
  12. How to Give a Great Sprint Demo: Free Download
  13. Retrospective Templates: Free Download
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